New releases of Courier, Courier-IMAP, SqWebMail and maildrop packages

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New releases of Courier, Courier-IMAP, SqWebMail and maildrop packages

Sam Varshavchik


• Fixes several compiler warning about unchecked error handling. Analysis of  
affected code did not find any readily explitable attack vector; so this  
gets fixed as a preventative measure.

• Add TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 OpenSSL modules.

• A number of changes to the SSL configuration settings. A stock  
installation should come up using DH parameters by default. This is done by  
removing the TLS_DHCERTFILE setting, and replacing it with a TLS_DHPARAMS  
setting that loads a file containing DH parameters only (TLS_DHCERTFILE's  
ancillary functionality is merged into TLS_CERTFILE).

• The default startup script runs a new mkdhparams script, which creates the  
DH parameter file if it does not exist. The RPM package installs a monthly  
cron job that creates a new DH parameter file.

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