New courier, courier-imap, and maildrop packages

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New courier, courier-imap, and maildrop packages

Sam Varshavchik


- courier: allow consecutive % and ! characters in return addresses. Still  
disallow consecutive periods, as that's still expressly prohibited in RFC  

- couriermlm NOBOZOS=1 option checks only the first word of the first line,  
not the first word of each line in the message.

- reformime: do not abort due to invalid encoding of the "name" attribute.

- imapd: the server should reject commands from buggy IMAP clients to delete  
the entire mailbox. This didn't work in some cases, letting IMAP clients  
nuke the entire mailbox.

- maildrop: implement the FLAGS variable.

- maildrop: fix a bug where the last line in a message wasn't getting  
searched, fix parsing of a message without a body.

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