New builds of courier and cone packages

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New builds of courier and cone packages

Sam Varshavchik

Rebuild of: courier-unicode, courier, courier-imap, sqwebmail, maildrop,  
courier-authlib, and cone packages.


- Renamed the header files and the library name used by the Courier unicode  
library, to avoid conflicts with another library. Internal reorganization of  
the git repositories: removed the clean/smudge filter from the repo that are  
used to stamp sysconftool-processed configuration files. If anyone has a  
copy of the repo that was checked out using the README/INSTALLME script, run  
"git config --unset-all filter.keywords.clean" and "git config --unset-all  
filter.keywords.smudge" on the repo, and in each project's libs  
subdirectory. Any transient errors, after this commit is pulled, can be  
fixed by running "autoconf" and "./config.status --recheck", in the  
subdirectory that errored out.

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