Development builds of courier, sqwebmail, and maildrop packages

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Development builds of courier, sqwebmail, and maildrop packages

Sam Varshavchik

Build 20130829 adds a small additional fix, which broke the maildrop's  
xfilter command.


• Major update to maildrop, adding the ability to search MIME-encoded  
content. Search patterns must now be specified in the UTF-8 codeset  

• To make room for the new MIME-aware maildrop, certain, and likely obsolete  
mail server interfaces (mail handed to maildrop with an mbox-style From_  
line, or with leading spurious blank lines) are no longer directly  
supported; must use maildrop together with reformail. See the maildrop(1)  
man page for more information.

• Update sqwebmail to write maildrop mail filters in UTF-8. It's unlikely  
that any existing sqwebmail-written mail filters will have any non-Latin  
search strings; but if they do, the rules will have to be rewritten.

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