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Courier 0.75 released

Sam Varshavchik

New courier-unicode, courier-authlib, courier, courier-imap, sqwebmail, and  
maildrop packages.


• The courier-unicode library was updated to include changes in the Unicode  
8.0.0 standard.

• Added AUTH_MKHOMEDIR_SKEL to several config files, an optional setting.  
The first login or mail to an account creates the account's home directory.

• Added the ESMTP_PREFER_IPV6_MX setting. An explicit setting to manually  
select a preference for IPv4 or IPV6 addresses, when sending mail.

• SSLv3 dropped from the default cipher configuration string for OpenSSL.

• maildrop: foreach: do not iterate over any matched subpatterns.

• maildrop: mailbot: command argument parsing wasn't properly allocating  
memory for some options, could result in memory corruption and a crash.

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